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snow clearance
Made in Germany

Greater efficiency thanks to longer service life

Greater efficiency while reducing costs through the use of innovative materials.




Steel blade


Optimised flow of snow thanks to KÜPER Wave Technology saves energy

The Wave Technology developed by KÜPER prevents the snow from caking and hindering driver visibility by smoothly channelling it away. This generally makes the snowplough lighter, which reduces the energy consumed when clearing the snow.

KÜPER Wave Technology

  • Clean windscreens
  • Clear view for the driver
  • Windscreen wipers protected
  • Energy saved

Fewer noise emissions thanks to flexible materials

Materials such as rubber help to keep noise levels as low as possible in urban environments.

Greater safety thanks to protection of road surface and markings

Protecting the road markings and airfield lighting is a key aspect of clearance work in order to guarantee road safety. The materials used in the KÜPER snowplough blades glide seamlessly over any uneven surfaces.

Sustainability thanks to less abrasion

Less abrasion is not only more cost-effective, but also protects the environment. Using extremely wear-resistant materials and innovative products such as the Blade Protection Components and shoes results in up to ten times less wear and ensures long-term mobility.

Decade-long experience and exchange with customers

Since 1957, we have been striving to maintain the highest of standards in wear technology. Our engineers are in constant communication with customers and shoe manufacturers to ensure our products are carefully tailored to their requirements and challenges.

  • Invented the combination snowplough blade with various materials as European standard
  • Invented the GK 5 rubber corundum blade
  • Invented Wave Technology
  • Developed the Blade Protection Components
  • Numerous patents

The safest airfield clearance at over 75 airports in Europe and the US

The safest and most sustainable snow clearance for all applications


Fast and efficient thanks to excellent scraping properties


Intelligent protection of the kerbstone

Snowplough blade applications

The KÜPER Cooling System has special openings to prevent the blade from overheating.


The next level: superb service life thanks to greater flexibility

The Original
Made in Germany


The high-speed snowplough blade:
high-tech, high-speed, high-performance


The safe solution for even wear.



Rubber properties developed specifically to meet demanding road conditions: extremely wear-resistant, flexible and very resilient. For an optimum adjustment to changes in the road surface.


Second hardest oxide mineral. Ideally suited for use in highly wear-resistant snowplough blades. Corundum moulded parts are specially made for our particular snowplough blades.

Tungsten carbide

Hard metal comprising the elements of tungsten and carbon. Boasts a special, diamond-like hardness and can withstand maximum stress.

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