GK 7

Special operation on SNK snowploughs: no jumping, no flipping up, no stress.

Greater safety

No more damage to the road surface, snowplough or vehicle because the flexibly arranged ceramic inlays support the elasticity of the blades and prevent any rattling or jumping of the snowplough.

Optimum adjustment to changes in the road surface


Rubber properties developed specifically to meet demanding road conditions: extremely wear-resistant, flexible and very resilient. For an optimum adjustment to changes in the road surface.


Second hardest oxide mineral. Ideally suited for use in highly wear-resistant snowplough blades. Corundum moulded parts are specially made for our particular snowplough blades.

No flipping up of the blade

Corundum moulded parts for special types of snowplough blade

Operates without jumping, even on dry surfaces

Protects the road surface