KOMBI S50 Wave

Setting the standard for 40 years: wear-resistant and low-friction.

Cost-effective due to long service life

Significantly longer service life: Compared to traditional steel blades, the service life of the KÜPER KOMBI S 50 is at least 350% longer.




Steel blade


Efficient thanks to our Wave Technology

The KÜPER Wave Technology optimises the flow of snow by means of its curved profile. It uses the attachment fittings to deflect the snow away without resistance.

  • Clean windscreens
  • Clear view for the driver
  • Windscreen wipers protected
  • Excellent scraping properties
  • Energy savings

Less wear debris saves costs and protects the environment

The blade is made from a special combination of materials developed by KÜPER Wear Technology. These include special steel, rubber and corundum, which boast excellent anti-friction properties on all road surfaces (except cobblestone). This leads to further cost savings and greater efficiency of mobility management.


Water-hardened, special wear-resistant steel with a hardness of 400 Brinell and tensile strength of approx. 1350 N/mm². Can withstand maximum stress and prevents the formation of dross during snow clearance.


Rubber properties developed specifically to meet demanding road conditions: extremely wear-resistant, flexible and very resilient. For an optimum adjustment to changes in the road surface.


Second hardest oxide mineral. Ideally suited for use in highly wear-resistant snowplough blades. Corundum moulded parts are specially made for our particular snowplough blades.

Very long service life

Reduced fuel consumption

Combination blade made from wear-resistant special steel, rubber and corundum

Good scraping properties

For all types of snow

Any road surface (except cobblestone)

With wear indicators