KSA. The KÜPER Sandvik System

Wear-resistant stability.

High level of stability

Unlike the Original System (see image), the KÜPER screen panels are manufactured with a steel reinforcement. They have been designed to withstand higher loads and extreme stress.

KSA 600 x 300 mm and Original Sandvik 600 x 320/265 mm

Blockages prevented by tapered holes

The tapering of the holes in the direction of flow (left image: hot-vulcanised screen panels from KÜPER) prevents blockages from forming, unlike the spherical holes of stamped screen panels (right image: competitor). This results in a far greater screening performance.

Longer service life

The use of GIGANT rubber 60 Shore A prevents wear from very abrasive material.

Better performance

Use of the MAX screen with the largest possible screen area delivers results similar to those of wire screens.

During dewatering, our prism dewatering fields can improve performance by up to 130%.

Use of the MAX screen improves screening performance by up to


Extremely wear-resistant and excellent throughput performance

High level of stability

Steel reinforcements support the wear material

Tapering of holes in the direction of flow

Available in hot-vulcanised rubber materials GIGANT 60 Shore A and CLEAN 35 Shore A

Available in the polyurethane materials KÜPRENE 90 Shore A and GK-Soft 55-75 Shore A which are cast into shape without pressure

Suitable for the Sandvik Modular System (600 x 320/265 mm), however only in the dimensions 600 x 300 mm

Better screening performance thanks to the MAX screen