Largest possible open screen area: simple, universal, IDEAL

Easy to assemble

Bolts are evenly distributed along upright flat bars and secure the standardised screen elements. There are no additional attachment parts required: the bolts are simply hammered in for assembly or levered out for removal.


Depending on the field of application, screen panels made from KÜPRENE, GK-SOFT, GIGANT or CLEAN are used. These panels are often affixed to the steel construction without any additional attachment parts or strips. This also means a variety of materials can be used on the screen deck.

Largest possible open screen area




Conventional plug systems


Use of the MAX screen improves screening performance by up to




Vulcanised rubber with a hardness of approx. 60 Shore A. Very resistant to abrasion and elastic.


Wear-resistant polyurethane with a hardness of 90 Shore A. Elastic and impact-resistant. Resistant to water and many chemicals.


Vulcanised rubber with a hardness of approx. 35 Shore A. Extremely flexible and wear-resistant.


Polyurethane in various degrees of hardness up to 85 Shore A. Wear-resistant and elastic.

Optimum use of the perforated base with various screen panels

Patented steel substructure

Largest possible open screen area

Maximum screening performance

Easy to assemble

No additional attachment parts required

Various materials on a screen deck possible

Suitable for original equipment and retrofits

Very efficient