A service life 30 times longer thanks to hard ceramic cores

Innovative new development

With the ceramic elements vulcanised in rubber, the properties of both materials are used to their best advantage. The elasticity of the rubber means it acts like a cushion and absorbs the impact on the ceramic. A variety of fixings, either with fastening bores or stud bolts, can be used thanks to the sheet steel reinforcement of the ceramic elements.

Save money and energy

Test run: Gravel plant in Germany’s Weser Uplands, material slide with 60° incline, round grain and 0–32 mm crushed gravel at approx. 1000 t/h.


Rubber element with screwed in ceramic cylinder, 35 mm, service life approx. 4 years


Hardox 450, 15 mm, service life max. 6 weeks


Highly efficient thanks to extremely long service life

Ceramic vulcanised in rubber wear elements

Various fixings thanks to sheet steel reinforcement, either with fastening bores or stud bolts

Absorption of impact energy

Reduction of abrasive wear

Manufactured according to customer requirements

Also available for plug screen systems

Other materials:
CLEAN rubber 35 Shore
KÜPRENE 90 Shore

4 designs

The wear elements can be vulcanised into four different shapes. Manufactured according to individual customer preferences, this keeps costs low and changeover times reduced, while increasing the energy efficiency of contemporary screening technology.

Ceramic plates
80 x 33 x 15 mm

Ceramic mosaic
20 x 20 x 6 mm

Ceramic cylinder
ø 25 x 25 mm

Ceramic hexagon
20 x 15 mm

Can be used for large material flows and extensive wear, low rubber and cushioning zone (2 mm rubber between steel sheet and ceramic), overall height at least 20 mm. Used in material slides, silo linings and similar applications.

Can be used for large material flows and abrasive material, up to 60° impact angle, high rubber cushioning zone (7 mm rubber between steel sheet and ceramic), overall strength at least 35 mm. Used in vibration conveyors, chutes, bunkers, loading points, channels, funnels and silo linings.

Attachment system 1

Bolted, with welded threaded rod

Attachment system 2

Bolted, with vulcanised threaded sleeve