Safeguarding urban infrastructure

Environmental protection through less noise pollution

When it comes to road maintenance, the challenge is to keep snow removal as quiet as possible, particularly at night, while still meeting the highest of requirements despite the various surfaces and road layouts. Decade-long experience in inner city areas has led to a patented combination of materials with particularly low noise emissions.

Innovative protection of the road surface and kerbstone

Highly durable materials such as rubber reduce wear and protect the road surface markings. The patented KÜPER BPC EL | BPC ER kerbstone deflector extends the service life of the blade and prevents damage to the kerb.

Cost-effective due to long service life

The life span of our TUCA SX Wave exceeds the traditional steel blades by up to 1200%.




Steel blade


Protecting the environment with less road salt

Efficient clearance means less salt dispersed.

Large amounts of time and money saved

Excellent service life means changing the blade mid-season is avoided.