KOMBI S36 Wave

Setting the standard for more than 40 years:
wear-resistant and low friction.

Energy-efficient thanks to our Wave Technology

The fastening materials of the snowplough blades, such as clamping claws and bolt heads, normally hamper the flow of snow from the road to the plough blade. Depending on weather conditions, they can cause the snow to be sprayed up and over the plough, into the windscreen of the vehicle. This can cause serious visibility issues for the driver, or the snow stuck on the windscreen can end up damaging the wiper motors.

Our Wave Technology prevents the build-up of snow, slush and dust on the windscreen. How? A wave in the front plate of the snowplough blade optimises the flow of snow. The snow is steered away by the wave and glides over the fastening material and into the plough blade without disruption or interference. The suction effect below the wave of snow even ensures there is no build-up of snow at the fastening neck of the snowplough blade, making the snowplough lighter overall. Thanks to the smooth flow of snow, energy consumption during snow clearance is reduced.

KÜPER Wave Technology

  • Clean windscreens
  • Clear view for the driver
  • Windscreen wipers protected
  • Excellent scraping properties
  • Energy savings

Cost-effective due to long service life

Significantly longer service life: Compared to the traditional steel blades, the service life of the KÜPER KOMBI S 36 is at least 250 percent longer.




Steel blade


Very long service life

Reduced fuel consumption

KÜPER Wave Technology

Combination blade made from wear-resistant special steel, rubber and corundum

Good scraping properties

For all types of snow

Any road surface (except cobblestone)

With wear indicators