Optimum protection of the airfield lighting thanks to a unique combination of materials

Patented material compounds for protection of the lights

After spending more than 3 years closely collaborating with over 10 airports around the world, a unique combination of materials was used to develop this blade for airfield clearance. The use of a patented rubber and plastic compound has significantly reduced the noise of the snowplough during clearance, with minimal jerking in the vehicle when travelling over the lights. These are also protected from scratching or against being destroyed.

Thorough clearance with no reworking required

The first extremely durable blade that makes continuous clearance with constant ground contact possible. The angle of the blade has been optimally adapted and guarantees a clean and thorough removal of snow. No reworking is required and the brushes are ensured maximum protection.

Simple assembly

The steel attachments are attached simply and effectively, without the need for any additional attachment strips.

Extremely durable

The RUPO AB boasts a very long service life and has a clearly visible, permanent wear indicator integrated into the blade.

Optimised for airfield clearance

Patented special rubber and plastic compound

Steel fastening for simple, yet effective assembly

Integrated wear indicator

Optimally adjusted angle to guarantee correct functioning of the snowplough evasion manoeuvre

No damage to the lighting

Quiet clearance operation

Constant ground contact

Simplified assembly

Greater efficiency

Improved availability

Cost reduction