Unrivalled on the market for spring-loaded snowploughs: quiet, careful, strong.

Innovative materials ensure road surface protection

The elasticity of the material, together with the embedded ceramic and specially curved steel fastening neck modified by KÜPER, deliver excellent results while also protecting the surface of the road as the blade is prevented from flipping up.


Rubber properties developed specifically to meet demanding road conditions: extremely wear-resistant, flexible and very resilient. For an optimum adjustment to changes in the road surface.


Second hardest oxide mineral. Ideally suited for use in highly wear-resistant snowplough blades. Corundum moulded parts are specially made for our particular snowplough blades.

No flipping up of the blade

Noise protection is environmental protection

Designed with a core of flexible ceramic inlays, the elasticity of the blades is supported and there is no rattling or jumping of the snowplough. Keeping noise levels to a minimum, it is ideal for urban areas such as streets, pathways and car parks.

Protecting the road with superb scraping performance

A snow plough that jumps on the road can cause serious damage to the road surface. With its flexibly arranged ceramic elements, the FK snowplough blade specifically designed for spring-loaded snowploughs does not jump or rattle during operation.

No flipping up of the blade

Protection of the road surface and markings

Especially for spring-loaded snowploughs

Corundum moulded parts for these special types of snowplough blade

Suitable for all spring-loaded snowploughs

Excellent scraping properties

No jumping or rattling of the snowplough

Suitable for all road surfaces

For roads, pathways and car parks

Very smooth clearance