The best protection for the blade and the road: wear-resistant, flexible and efficient.

Service life efficiently increased through protection against wear

Wear-resistant, flexible and efficient, the side-mounted snowplough blade attachments made from an ADI cast iron material have been specially designed to meet demanding road conditions and extensively protect the blade and kerbstone. The kerbstone deflector is simply bolted to the KÜPER snowplough blade and provides the ideal edge protection. The even wear of the blades also results in a longer service life.

Protecting the kerbstone

For greater profitability in mobility management. The ergonomic design of the kerbstone deflector guarantees a smooth operation at the kerbstone and also prevents any further noise pollution in urban areas.

Time saved by simple installation

The simple bolt connection means replacing the kerbstone deflector is possible at any time.

Ergonomic design ensures smooth operation at the kerbstone

Exclusively for KÜPER snowplough blades

Kerbstone deflector made from high-quality ADI cast iron material

Optimised shape for better flow of snow

Easily replaceable

Protects both the blade and the kerbstone

Wear markers