UST. The KÜPER Uni System

Quick and simple assembly

Highly wear-resistant screen panels made from polyurethane and rubber

Screen panels with steel reinforcements and material hardness level from 35-90 Shore A. Particularly resistant to abrasion, erosion and chemical damage, which increases service life considerably. They need to be replaced less frequently, in turn reducing maintenance costs.

Variety of applications

Prevents caking and heavy blockages
through the use of CLEAN rubber 35 Shore A.

Longer service life through the use of GIGANT rubber 60 Shore A in event of heavy wear by an abrasive material.

Considerably better performance thanks to our MAX screen with largest possible open screen area, similar to wire.

Better dewatering performance (+130%) through the use of our dewatering prism design.

Use of the MAX screen improves screening performance by up to


Very easy to assemble

The KÜPER UST systems are easily assembled without the need for any additional attachments.

Blockages prevented by tapered holes

The tapering of holes in the direction of flow (image on left: hot vulcanised screen panels from KÜPER) prevents clogging and results in a far more efficient screening performance.

Extremely wear-resistant

High throughput rate

Tapering of holes in direction of flow

Available in hot-vulcanised rubber materials
GIGANT 60 Shore A and CLEAN 35 Shore A

Available in polyurethane materials KÜPRENE 90 Shore A and GK-Soft 55-75 Shore A, cast into shape without pressure

Better screening performance thanks to the KÜPER MAX screen

Quick assembly without any further parts

The KÜPER UST systems are easily assembled without the need for any additional attachments

Suitable for the Steinhaus UNI 2000 system