GK 5

Innovative development and new design.

Vulcanised wear indicator

The vulcanised KÜPER logo is actually a precisely positioned wear indicator. The key advantage here is that this marking cannot fade or become damaged regardless of the weather conditions or grit materials. The extremely durable blade can be used until the entire corundum element is fully worn away.

Efficient municipal management through protection of markings

Protecting the road surface to protect the environment: The low-noise GK 5 rubber-corundum blade adapts perfectly to all road surfaces thanks to its intelligent design and elasticity of materials. It is ideally suited to the removal of snow in areas which require road surface protection.

Less fuel consumption for greater efficiency

The blade has been further developed and is now a lighter weight, which has reduced fuel consumption while delivering the same excellent results. For greater efficiency in municipal management.

Noise protection is environmental protection

Designed with a core of flexible ceramic inlays, the elasticity of the blades is supported and there is no rattling or jumping of the plough. The blade optimally adapts to changes in the road surface and is also prevented from flipping up thanks to the curved steel fastening neck.



Second hardest oxide mineral. Ideally suited for use in highly wear-resistant snowplough blades. Corundum moulded parts are specially made for our particular snowplough blades.


Rubber properties developed specifically to meet demanding road conditions: extremely wear-resistant, flexible and very resilient. For an optimum adjustment to changes in the road surface.

Extremely long service life

Superb quality of materials and top performance: Compared to rubber snowplough blades, the KÜPER GK 5 boasts a longer service life by up to 1200%.






Suitable for all road surfaces, even with elevated markings

Very smooth clearance

Vulcanised wear indicator

Flexibly arranged corundum inserts

Long service life

Good scraping properties

Protection of the road surfaces, city streets and rural roads

Can be used on all road surfaces

Fuel consumption reduced