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wear technology
made in Germany

The Original from KÜPER


Invention of stamped screen panels

made from rubber and polyurethane by business graduate Walter Küper.


Combination snowplough blades

with top-class material combinations saw KÜPER become the market leader in no time at all.


World’s first rubber vulcanisation

and systematic further development by our engineers.


Market launch of VARIA plug system

that is now internationally recognised as an installation-friendly module screen system.


IDEAL plug system

International collaboration with the US for development of the system with largest possible open screen area.


TUCA SX with Wave Technology

The curved profile of the blade is setting new standards in snow removal.


Blade Protection Components

Wear elements for the protection of the blade and road surface considerably increase service life.



The new CECO SF Wave snowplough blade has taken the long established technology of the KÜPER KOMBI S Wave to a whole new level. Delivering a maximum performance in terms of material and application.



Developed in collaboration with more than 10 airports around the world, this snowplough blade was designed to meet the special requirements of airfield clearance, with priority given to protecting the airfield lighting and integrated wear indicator.

Benefit from our expertise

Our development team has been working closely with customers for decades and carries out regular on-site testing to ensure our products are specifically tailored to all individual challenges.

This results in new, groundbreaking products and technologies designed to make the operation of your systems more efficient and cost-effective.

Challenge our development team and use only the best materials to make considerable savings in the future through longer service life, efficiency and wear resistance.

System check

See with your own eyes the difference quality screening technology “Made in Germany” can have on your system. We are happy to advise you on the various options to optimise your screening along the various stages of production.

Road maintenance

Various road surfaces and snow conditions require specific clearing solutions in order to guarantee safe travel. We will be happy to provide further information, either on location or over the phone.

KÜPER Worldwide

With two locations in Bochum and numerous international sales partnerships, the screen panels and snowplough blades from KÜPER are used around the world in more than 30 countries.

Retailers and strategic partners at the most varied of locations in Europe, America, Africa and Asia provide tailored support, services and reliable delivery.

KÜPER North America

For over 10 years, our company in Missouri and numerous representatives across North America have ensured safe travel is provided in 45 American states, 8 Canadian provinces and at more than 75 airports.

4 arguments for more sustainability

Over 100,000 tonnes of microscopic wear debris are left behind on German roads alone every year, which then finds its way into the ecosystems.

The life expectancy of KÜPER combination blades exceeds the traditional steel blades by up to 1200%. In order to also reduce wear, the BPC Blade Protection Components take effect at particularly demanding areas. The use of rubber is especially gentle on the large-pored and sensitive silent asphalt.

Furthermore, the abrasion of rubber on roads is generally not as relevant for the environment as metal abrasion. Wear protection is environmental protection.

When it comes to road maintenance, the challenge is to keep snow removal as quiet as possible, particularly at night, while still meeting the highest of requirements despite the various surfaces and road layouts. Decade-long experience working in inner city areas has led to a patented combination of materials with particularly low noise, considerably less wear and longer service life.

KÜPER rubber and polyurethane screen panels produce considerably less noise than wire screen panels in industrial screening systems and thus play their part in protecting the environment and ensuring occupational safety.

The excellent sliding ability and smoothness of the KÜPER snowplough blades minimise the fuel consumption of the vehicle. Furthermore, the KÜPER wave technology prevents snow from collecting on the blade, thus making it lighter. The smooth flow of the snow additionally reduces energy consumption.

KÜPER rubber and polyurethane screen panels prevent clogging and caking, facilitating a smoother operation, as well as fewer machine interruptions or restarts.

Wear products from KÜPER boast a considerably longer service life than comparable products thanks to the use of the particularly durable material rubber. This ultimately means fewer replacements and less disposal.

Additional protection components from KÜPER, such as the Blade Protection Components for the even wear of snowplough blades and KERA GIGANT ceramic elements for rubber chutes, can increase the service life of our products tenfold. Longevity is sustainability.

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