The safe solution for even wear.

Cost-effective due to longer service life

There are a number of factors involved when it comes to the extent at which snowplough blades wear out. The blades on one side of the snowplough may be fully effective, while those on the other side will have almost reached their limit. This results in major costs for early replacement of the entire blade set or the time-consuming substitution of individual blades on one snow plough.

When installed at those parts where the blade is affected the most, the KÜPER BPC EM compensates for the areas under stress and thereby ensures the even wear of all blades.

Simple assembly

The BPC EM is simply bolted to the snowplough blade, which has been prepared with fixing holes, and thus offers optimum protection against uneven wear.

The BPC EM has been exclusively developed for all KÜPER KOMBI S, TUCA SX and CECO SF blades.

Protects the blade against uneven wear

Exclusively for KÜPER snowplough blades

Made from high-quality ADI cast iron material

Optimised shape for better flow of snow

Easily replaceable

Wear markers