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Screen mats

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Screen mats

We supply screen mats made of Küprene, GK-Soft, Vulkollan® and Gigant. They are They are punched or moulded, depending on their intended use, and are available in rubber with or without fabric reinforcements. Screen mats are used in flip-flop screening jigs in the recycling and wood industries, quarries and for dry screening in gravel plants.

  • Available in the materials polyurethane,
    Vulkollan® and GIGANT rubber
  • Wide variety of polyurethanes in various hardnesses, for different applications
  • For all types of Flipflow screen machines
Special characteristics
  • Used in the recycling and wood industries, quarries and gravel plants
  • Gigant

    Moulded vulcanised rubber with a hardness of approx. 60 Shore A. Very abrasion resistant and elastic.

  • Vulkollan

    Polyurethane with a maximum hardness of 70 Shore A. Wear-resistant and impact-resilient. Good resistance to oil, grease, petrol and various solvents.

  • Küprene

    Wear-resistant polyurethane with a hardness of 90 Shore A. Elastic and impact resistant. Resistant to water and many chemicals.

  • GK-Soft

    Polyurethane in various hardnesses up to 85 Shore A. Wear resistant and elastic.