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Curbstone deflector

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Excellent protection against
abrasion at curbstones.

Less wear – higher durability

In the curbstone deflector, Küper has developed an optimum protection for the Küper Kombi S and Tuca SX Wave blades against abrasion at curbstones and guard rails. The rounded shape ensures significant protection of blade and curbstone and may be replaced if required. The cast material is extremely robust, considerably extending the snow clearing blades durability.

In comparison, a conventional clearing blade used without curbstone deflector shows distinct traces of wear in the directions of impact. This way, the blade is optimally protected - an ideal solution for even the most demanding applications.
  • Top-quality cast iron
    curbstone deflector
Fields of operation
Country road
Car park
  • Easy to replace 
  • Protects blade and curbstone 
Special characteristics
  • No jamming with curbstone thanks to ergonomic shape
  • Exclusively for Küper clearing blades 
  • Cast iron

    Cast iron is an iron carbon alloy with an extremely high carbon content which is considerably harder than steel. The castings for the curbstone deflector are manufactured specifically for our clearing blade types.